CrayFish Kitchen offers home-cooked traditional African & Caribbean cuisine with delivery at your doorstep. The app allows an opportunity not only for food-lovers to get their favorite food but also allows home-based chefs or “food-lancers” as we call them, to be a part of the CrayFish Kitchen app.

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Marasi is a game-changer, therefore it needed adequate planning. The platform was to guarantee additional revenue opportunities for boat captains/boat owners, as well as provide users with an intuitive & user-friendly app to explore marine adventures and activities based on their preferences. An effective & efficient booking mechanism was also a core requirement for real time bookings with several users looking forward to have the best experience at a competitive price.

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Al Tayyar

AlTayyar is an online multilingual platform which allows you to reserve flights, book hotels and rent cars anywhere around the globe. SkyWorld Club offers customers a loyalty program for their bookings. With its wide reach and market share, AlTayyar is undoubtedly one of the most significant choice for travelers and tourists throughout the Middle East.

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AbuDawood – a very well-reputed name throughout the Middle East. They approached us to create a loyalty club app which makes shopping fun & rewarding. An experience which enables you to get rewarded like never before – An app packed with an addictive game inside it – thinning the boundaries between real world and a virtual one.

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Mobile App Case Studies: Proven Strategies for Success

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