Project Brief

People have always enjoyed marine adventures as a way to unwind. It was about time to go fishing, boating or diving in a new way. Marasi app is a direct result of this philosophy. Our client “Alam Albihar Company”, contacted us to create a refined, effortless & robust solution for this unique startup idea..


Marasi is a game-changer, therefore it needed adequate planning. The platform was to guarantee additional revenue opportunities for boat captains/boat owners, as well as provide users with an intuitive & user-friendly app to explore marine adventures and activities based on their preferences. An effective & efficient booking mechanism was also a core requirement for real time bookings with several users looking forward to have the best experience at a competitive price.

Our Solution

The recommended solution required to cover a variety of features and services. To achieve this comprehensive and thorough solution two different apps were created; one for the users and the other for the captains; with specific set of features for both.

Captains would use the app to list the services they want to offer. They could mark themselves “offline” if they’re not available for bookings. They may add or remove any services at their ease. They may have a quick look at their earnings & receive notifications about upcoming trips.

Users will use Marasi app to view all types of services being offered by different captains and boat owners. Based on their choices, the users will be able to view a trip, know exact prices and book the trip for a time of their choosing – all this with just a few taps.

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Boating, Fishing, and Diving with Marasi App: A New Way to Unwind

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