Project Brief

AbuDawood – a very well-reputed name throughout the Middle East. They approached us to create a loyalty club app which makes shopping fun & rewarding. An experience which enables you to get rewarded like never before – An app packed with an addictive game inside it – thinning the boundaries between real world and a virtual one.


It was quite a challenge to scan a product database containing thousands of items across hundreds of categories on shelves at various stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets spread across the Middle East – and instantly return the results to the user. We needed to implement an OCR which should have strong AI capabilities to identify specific products from a variety of receipts from different supermarkets and stores and award users with accurate points based on their shopping. We utilized the OCR’s built-in feature to recognize products of specific brands or companies under a promotional offer and grant promotional reward points.

Our Solution

Our solution required a lot of brainstorming and input from the client to make this a success. Firstly, we worked on a number of iterations to come up with a perfect set of wireframes upon which we would be building a fluid and user-friendly interface to make receipt scanning easy for everyone – as well as a hassle-free redemption process using a barcode and/or a promo code.

Placing a smart OCR with learning capability to read products from different receipts which have their own codes for products, the learning SDK would improve its reading capability to provide accurate points.

A custom back-office was created to record all transactions in terms of scanning receipts and redemption of reward points, also managing a complete database of brands, companies, supermarkets and their products. The back-office also had a mechanism to place promotions or discounts for purchasing specific products from the market.

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