The last time you required the services of a handyman to fix that faucet or wanted help with the installation of your AC unit – and you wished there was an app just for that. Well, we got good news for you. With conventional services being made available in online marketplace, there have been major lifestyle changes and people expect the availability of these services with few taps on their devices. Therefore, we identified it as an opportunity to build a platform where the customers & service-providers can interact to get the job done in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way.

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The competition is cut-throat. Companies and service-providers strive harder to reach the customers before their competitors do. Real-estate industry has been harnessing the power of technology to its advantage quite effectively. People consider many factors while making decisions about buying or renting a property – or finding a place to lodge while on vacations. Our custom-built Real Estate solution accounts for all such scenarios and provides users with an easy-to-use and seamless experience.

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As everything is converging into the digital marketplace, online shopping is no exception. This segment has been early to adapt this transformation. Namesake to your brand, the customers expect superior experiences from your app – To meet those expectations, we provide a ready-made robust solution loaded with essential features to make shopping online sheer ease. Opt for our ready-to-launch 100% Custom Native e-Commerce Solution and witness your sales grow by the minute.

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Through this solution people can order on-demand beauty services in their vicinity. If your customers are looking for a blowout, hair-do, full face make-up, pedicure services or a new set of nail polish? We got you covered with our solution. A well-trained and certified professional will reach your preferred location and provide the service so you don’t ever have to step foot in a salon. You can book with as few as three hours’ notice or up to three months in advance. This solution also provides special packages for your special day. Since it is a location-based solution, this will work for any geographic location or any city on this planet.

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The transportation industry has been at the forefront to accommodate the trending mobile lifestyle. People expect a ride on their doorstep with a few taps; we have witnessed success stories like Uber, Lyft, Hailo and the likes. Renting a vehicle should be hassle-free. Choose our Private Car Rental solution and start making customers anywhere around the globe. Commuters and Drivers are connected with one another based on their physical locations.

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Time to let some grey matter flow freely. Test your knowledge and win prizes – even real money. People are always looking for ways to entertain themselves, especially the Gen Z, Millennials and Post-Millennials, who happen to be the most tech-savvy too. An engaging & fun Trivia game will make an impact and possibly win a few awards along the way as well. This is game category has been Top-grossing and Top-trending on the online app stores. Don’t be left out, hop onto the bandwagon to success – and order our Trivia Game Package – which comes in different flavors.

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